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How to get the best of your Provenance Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  1. Storing your olive oil:  It is best not to put fresh olive oil next to a hot stove, in intense light or sunlight or leave the top off the bottle.  To keep your product the freshest for longer keep away from heat, light and air.  Storing your olive oil in the dark, cool place of your pantry is best.
  2. Buy in quantities you will use or seek out some great recipes.
  3. Olive Oil freshness can be detected when you taste the product.  Try pouring some of your olive oil into a tasting cup, bring the oil up to room temp and sip a small amount.  If the oil is greasy in your mouth it is probably getting on the older side so use it up.  Fresh olive oil is smooth on the palate and not greasy.
  4. Olive Oil particularly Extra Virgin Olive Oil is full of flavour (some more than others).  See more about Styles of Olive Oil


Freshness and Health in Olive Oil is the outcome of many factors including harvest timing & method and if the olives have been processed fresh.


At the end of the day whatever Olive Oil you decide to purchase is your decision.  However, we hope you are now a little more informed about the freshness of Provenance Olive Oil.  The next time you need Olive Oil please try seek out a local producer so you can see the difference for yourself and all the benefits Olive Oil is renowned for!

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