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About Provenance

Olive Oils of Provenance is about bringing you a new experience … the tastes of olive oil.  Olive oil has a diverse flavour profile as complex as wine!  The emphasis of this website is to assist you in being able to see the delight that olive oil is and experience this wonderful, healthful product like any Industry Connoisseur.


Provenance is important because no two olive oils are alike!  Provenance is about food miles,  the soil, the air, the effort made by the producer and then in the craft of making a perfect product all that the olive has experienced results in the oil.


What is Extra Virgin Olive Oil? … “Olive Oil is naturally locked inside the olive fruit. The art of a producer is to pick the olives perfectly, send them to a processing machine in a timely manner and without damage… as damaging the olives degrades the quality of the fruit. Then the olives are crushed, malaxed and put through a centrifuge to separate the oil. All these processes are made to destroy the oil but a producer who knows the art will be able to avoid damaging the oil and come out with a product that is perfect in aroma and taste… we call this the sensory character of the oil…. no two oils are the same! So every producer has their own unique expression from their estate grown olives… an oil of exceptional quality is called Extra Virgin Olive Oil… and it is an earned accolade!”  Amanda Bailey,  CEO Queensland Olive Council & Olive Industry Ambassador.

Olive oil is a natural flavour enhancer… so all food tastes better.  Try drizzling over strawberries, ice cream or even making chocolate mousse!  Olive Oil is no longer the oil you only pour on salads but you can also Shallow & Deep Fry, Bake, Poach, BBQ, Wok cooking and so many more applications.  See Recipes or Food pairing to help you, your family and friends get the most out of every bottle.


Unlike wine, if you pair with food you can make the experience even more bittersweet, so Extra Virgin Olive Oil is split into 3 styles – Delicate, Medium/Fruity &  Robust/Bold.  In the Industry, we refer to Extra Virgin Olive Oil as EVOO (pronounced as ee-voo).


So the next question is … where do you seek out your local producer and start exploring a completely new world of food?  You have arrived in a new world of food experiences just waiting for you to discover them.   Talk to your local producer, they love it when questions are asked!  The Olive Industry is made up of some amazing stories by producers.


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